Meet Alex Ho: The Voice Behind your Half Marathon Strength Training

Alex Ho teaches run and bootcamp classes in San Francisco, and he’s one of three coaches in our Half Marathon Training Program. He’s all about unleashing your inner athlete to build physical and mental confidence (consider us fans). Here’s a bit more about Alex, our featured instructor of the week. What do you want people to feel when they take your class? AH: Energized and … Continue reading Meet Alex Ho: The Voice Behind your Half Marathon Strength Training

Stretch & Recover for Athletes

To get the most out of your workouts, it’s important to take time to stretch. We caught up with Stephanie Main Ring to learn about Stretch & Recover (Vol 1), the latest series she just recorded to help you get the best results out of your training. Why is stretching and mobility important for athletes?  Stretching and mobility is crucial for athletic performance because it provides the athlete with the … Continue reading Stretch & Recover for Athletes

Benefits of HIIT Training

It seems like lately HIIT is gaining popularity faster than the concept of hygge in the winter months. For every savvy fitness aficionado, a HIIT session is a sure thing. To demystify this latest “it” workout, we caught up with Naomi Rotstein, audio workout instructor on MoveWith and creator of 1FitFoodie. HIIT According to Naomi Rotstein HIIT stands for high intensity interval training As the name suggests, HIIT involves … Continue reading Benefits of HIIT Training

Announcing Audio Workouts with the Best Instructors.

We are are thrilled to officially bring audio workouts for body, mind and soul to you whenever you want, wherever you are—on the road, in your living room, or at the gym. With instant access to workouts from the best instructors on the planet, you can always have the motivation you need to get a great workout. MoveWith is fitness on your terms.   Workouts for … Continue reading Announcing Audio Workouts with the Best Instructors.

Get Soulful with Peter Walters

The biggest muscle you will grow in Peter Walters’s yoga classes is your heart. This dog-loving Bhakti Flow Yoga teacher knows how to take us to the deepest levels of ourselves. From cracking a joke just when you need it to directing a pose with kindness and precision, Peter will work you from the inside out. We’re delighted to announce that you can join Peter for audio workouts … Continue reading Get Soulful with Peter Walters

Find Your Balance with Stephanie Ring

Balance in your workout routine is essential for avoiding injury and maximizing the impact of your effort, but it takes discipline. That’s where teachers like Stephanie Ring come in. With certifications ranging from a 500-hour yoga teacher training to CrossFit Level 2 coaching, Steph brings the best of both worlds, teaching athletes and active people how to balance their weekly training routines with mobility, strength, and … Continue reading Find Your Balance with Stephanie Ring

How to put your fears behind you with Burpees to Bubbly

We caught up with Monique Gagnon, the effervescent force behind Burpees to Bubbly to get the scoop on how she overcame her fears and hosted her first MoveWith Original,  Kickboxing Bootcamp w/Burpees to Bubbly (and immediately scheduled her next: Kickboxing Bootcamp) at the new hotspot Janji in Boston. An Original class is one that a teacher creates, hosts, and teaches on their own. It takes a leap of faith—one that … Continue reading How to put your fears behind you with Burpees to Bubbly