Introducing the Daily Sweat

Meet your Daily Sweat. A 20-minute audio class designed to boost your metabolism while burning tons of calories in a short period of time. Every day, we’ll be picking a fresh class to unlock that guarantees a high-intensity workout in less than 20 minutes. Even better? It’s free. Whether it be your morning start, an afternoon lunch break, or after work, check out a new … Continue reading Introducing the Daily Sweat

MoveWith team favorites

They say that if you do what you love you’ll never work a day in your life. That’s true for team MoveWith. Instead, we build what we love so that we get to workout every day of our lives, and now we’ve launched audio classes so that you can too.  Here are our team’s favorite classes—get your headphones out, your workout gear on, and join us on our … Continue reading MoveWith team favorites

#socialsweat at SeaWheeze

Yoga. Run. Party. That’s how Lululemon describes and markets their annual SeaWheeze Half Marathon (and brand love-fest) in Vancouver, British Columbia. Naturally, I wanted in. In the spirit of full transparency I’ve run a lot of half-marathons. A couple of marathons. Lots of 10ks. I’ve loved running, I’ve hated running, I’ve complained about running, I’ve raved about running. But SeaWheeze was literally unlike anything I’ve … Continue reading #socialsweat at SeaWheeze

Six Weeks of Social Sweat at Janji

14 teachers. 22 classes. 300 sweat hours. When Janji offered us the opportunity to bring fitness classes to their spring pop-up shop, we knew it would be a match made in heaven. Not only were we happy to partner up with a mission-driven brand that helps provide clean water in countries around the world, but we also jumped at the chance to bring more opportunities … Continue reading Six Weeks of Social Sweat at Janji

I’m an Athlete – and I Do Yoga

“I was never a yoga person.” It’s true. I knew how good yoga was for you (me). How it could be beneficial to the mind, stress levels, flexibility, spirituality, body and fitness levels. I promise, I knew all of this. But still, I said, “No, no, I don’t do yoga.” You see, I grew up an athlete. I played soccer and swam competitively and I … Continue reading I’m an Athlete – and I Do Yoga