Stretch & Recover for Athletes

To get the most out of your workouts, it’s important to take time to stretch. We caught up with Stephanie Main Ring to learn about Stretch & Recover (Vol 1), the latest series she just recorded to help you get the best results out of your training.


Why is stretching and mobility important for athletes? 

Stretching and mobility is crucial for athletic performance because it provides the athlete with the opportunity build restriction free movement. When we move well, we move efficiently. It doesn’t take much for our movement patterns to become slightly altered so stretching regularly and mobilizing your joints aids in that practice.

Why did you choose these body parts to focus on for your series?
Everything is connected. And understanding that means that tightness in the calves can affect the hamstrings and tightness in the hips can affect the back. Also, these are the main parts of the body that give athletes the most issues for performance.

What is the benefit of this series – injury prevention, strength building etc.
The benefit of this series is first and foremost personal responsibility. With this series, that is accessible to any athlete, they can begin to understand their body and the steps they need to take to improve movement patterns and ultimately performance.

How often should people do each workout in the series and the series in general?
As often as possible. Consistency is key with trying to change flexibility.

What is this series a good compliment to – i.e. a run, a strength day etc.
This series is a great compliment to any strength or running class on MoveWith. Execute a workout and then, stretch. It’s that simple.

Ready got get started? Give the series a try:


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