3 Critical Workouts for Full Body Fitness

We all want to live vital active lives with toned muscles and healthy bodies, and we want the efficiency that leaves us time to work and play. Here are three tactics for you to focus on that will bring you the lasting results that you have been craving.

1. Start with your core.

Every action you take initiates from that central place we know as our core. The stronger your core, the stronger all of your movements become. Before you begin pumping weight or doing lunges, be sure your workout regimen includes core work. According to Harvard Health: “No matter where motion starts, it ripples upward and downward to adjoining links of the chain. Thus, weak or inflexible core muscles can impair how well your arms and legs function.”

To help you out, we’ve curated a selection of classes designed to strengthen your core and get you ready for the rest of your workouts.

Total Core - Tile.png

2. Strengthen your lower body.

While it’s instinctual to work out your upper body and sculpt those highly visible arms, it’s your lower body which contains critical muscle mass that helps you build much needed testosterone, agility, and strength. Think of it as your foundation before you move on to bicep curls. As noted in this article by InBody, “[leg muscles are] the largest in your body.  That makes them hugely important for your overall body composition, bone health, insulin sensitivity, and hormone production.”

Clearly, working out your lower body affects more than just functional movement and strength. Improving your muscle mass and agility in your legs and glutes leads to greater overall health. Here is a collection of classes to increase your lower body strength.

Upper Body - Tile


3. Work your upper body.

Beyond the rewards of having toned arms and strong shoulders, focusing your efforts on your arms, chest, and back takes your health and vitality to the next level. According to Consumer Health Digest, working out your upper body strengthens connective tissues, strengthens your bones, promotes fat loss, develops muscles, and increases energy levels. Getting a strong practice of upper body work is critical once you’ve engaged your legs and core. This is the last step you need to complete your full body balanced workout.

Try any of these satisfying classes to get in shape from head to toe.

Upper Body Blast - Tile.png

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