The Rogue Yogi’s Top 3 Tips for Self-Care

Julie Tran is a yoga instructor, fitness professional, business owner, and the creator of The Rogue Yogi, an alternative yoga and lifestyle brand for the modern urbanite. She has taught yoga in LA and the San Francisco Bay Area in addition to co-producing Deep House Yoga. I found yoga through a chance conversation with a former co­worker. Long ago when I sat behind a desk, she’d come … Continue reading The Rogue Yogi’s Top 3 Tips for Self-Care

Year 1: 5 Things I’ve Learned as a Fitness Business Owner

Alex Ho knows a thing or two about launching and running his own fitness business. It’s been a year (!!) since he launched Revision Athletics – an outdoor group and personal training business that also offers run coaching (where he’s also a pro – he crushes 100 miles races). He’s come out the other side of the past year with an increase in both mileage and wisdom. Here’s … Continue reading Year 1: 5 Things I’ve Learned as a Fitness Business Owner

From Teacher to Teacher

So this is exciting. In the spirit of fostering the MoveWith teacher community (and throwin’ some learning and education at you while we’re at it), we’re creating a From Teacher to Teacher content series to live right here on Spark. Teachers, we know you’re pros in what you do, and we know that you inspire each other on a daily basis, so we want you to … Continue reading From Teacher to Teacher

#socialsweat at SeaWheeze

Yoga. Run. Party. That’s how Lululemon describes and markets their annual SeaWheeze Half Marathon (and brand love-fest) in Vancouver, British Columbia. Naturally, I wanted in. In the spirit of full transparency I’ve run a lot of half-marathons. A couple of marathons. Lots of 10ks. I’ve loved running, I’ve hated running, I’ve complained about running, I’ve raved about running. But SeaWheeze was literally unlike anything I’ve … Continue reading #socialsweat at SeaWheeze