Yoga Reaches Out

Yoga Reaches Out is coming to the Bay Area and New England, and each event promises to be an amazing day of yoga, community, music and giving back to a very worthwhile cause. Curious? We did the legwork to answer all of your questions. What Exactly Is Yoga Reaches Out? The mission of Yoga Reaches Out is to bring the community together to raise funds for organizations … Continue reading Yoga Reaches Out

My Morning Ritual: Peter Walters

My Morning Ritual is a weekly series that follows how a MoveWith teacher starts their day (spoiler alert: they make their beds!). Peter Walters is a San Francisco yoga teacher who teaches a flow that is playful, soulful, vigorous, mindful, and present. More than anything I hope that the people who join me to practice leave more calm, centered, and maybe a bit more happy than when … Continue reading My Morning Ritual: Peter Walters

Teacher Spotlight : Jenna Stevens

  Jenna Stevens is a force to be reckoned with: she runs, she does yoga, she CrossFits, she tumbles, she dives… and did we mention she’s the founder of Project Drop alongside her fiancé Ryan? The passion for fitness and sports runs deep. Starting at a very young age she was a competitive gymnast before discovering a love for diving and cheerleading, the latter of … Continue reading Teacher Spotlight : Jenna Stevens

Teacher Spotlight: Angela Tieri

Angela Tieri makes running look easy. With a marathon PR of 3:01, two 50-mile finishes, and a rigorous understanding of strength training for injury prevention, she’s the woman to talk to about your next running goal. Read on to learn about her spirit plant, her take on women and trail running, and her very big 2016 goal. What’s the first thing you ate this morning? … Continue reading Teacher Spotlight: Angela Tieri

My Morning Ritual: Stephanie Ring

Mornings look different for everyone. As part of our My Morning Ritual series, we’re bringing you the morning routines of fitness and nutrition pros from our teaching community to give you a sneak peek into how they start their day. Stephanie Ring is the founder of Endure Yoga – yoga for improved athletic performance. She provides high level training (and insane passion) in both yoga … Continue reading My Morning Ritual: Stephanie Ring

Finding Your Gray Area

I see quite a few clients, and I’ve identified a common theme I hear when meeting them for the first time: they tell me about all the past diets, detoxes, and cleanses they’ve tried. They share that they walk everywhere, eat at Sweetgreen, and take fitness classes regularly – but they aren’t where they want to be health-wise. Sound familiar? It did for me fifteen … Continue reading Finding Your Gray Area