Meet Alex Ho: The Voice Behind your Half Marathon Strength Training

Alex Ho teaches run and bootcamp classes in San Francisco, and he’s one of three coaches in our Half Marathon Training Program. He’s all about unleashing your inner athlete to build physical and mental confidence (consider us fans). Here’s a bit more about Alex, our featured instructor of the week. What do you want people to feel when they take your class? AH: Energized and … Continue reading Meet Alex Ho: The Voice Behind your Half Marathon Strength Training

Stretch & Recover for Athletes

To get the most out of your workouts, it’s important to take time to stretch. We caught up with Stephanie Main Ring to learn about Stretch & Recover (Vol 1), the latest series she just recorded to help you get the best results out of your training. Why is stretching and mobility important for athletes?  Stretching and mobility is crucial for athletic performance because it provides the athlete with the … Continue reading Stretch & Recover for Athletes

Press Play, Get Sweaty. Top Five Benefits of HIIT.

The Daily Sweat is our brand new feature, available to anyone at anytime who’s looking for a high-intensity 20 minute workout. All classes are unlocked and new everyday. We are loving HIIT classes (high intensity interval training), and most of our Daily Sweat choices are such! Why you ask? We broke down the top 5 reasons to why it’s great, thanks to Naomi Rotstein, one … Continue reading Press Play, Get Sweaty. Top Five Benefits of HIIT.

Introducing the Daily Sweat

Meet your Daily Sweat. A 20-minute audio class designed to boost your metabolism while burning tons of calories in a short period of time. Every day, we’ll be picking a fresh class to unlock that guarantees a high-intensity workout in less than 20 minutes. Even better? It’s free. Whether it be your morning start, an afternoon lunch break, or after work, check out a new … Continue reading Introducing the Daily Sweat

Benefits of HIIT Training

It seems like lately HIIT is gaining popularity faster than the concept of hygge in the winter months. For every savvy fitness aficionado, a HIIT session is a sure thing. To demystify this latest “it” workout, we caught up with Naomi Rotstein, audio workout instructor on MoveWith and creator of 1FitFoodie. HIIT According to Naomi Rotstein HIIT stands for high intensity interval training As the name suggests, HIIT involves … Continue reading Benefits of HIIT Training

How Running Cultivates Your Inner Badass

We all know that running has big benefits on our health and cardiovascular fitness, but what does it do for our inner happiness and strength? Turning to top running instructors for the answers, we learned that running cultivates grit and mental focus. According to Angela Duckworth (recipient of the Genius Grant) in a recent Forbes Article, grit is made up of courage, conscientiousness, follow through, resilience and excellence, and is —the key element to being a total badass. Continue reading How Running Cultivates Your Inner Badass